About Our Organization 

Young Professionals of Longview is an organization dedicated to cultivating a young, vibrant professional community in the Longview area.

We are a group of young professionals providing opportunities for business growth, community service, personal enrichment and social activities to connect our members and enhance our generation.


Our President


Tyler Hudson

Account Manager / Sales

Pliler International 




Thanks for the interest in Young Professionals of Longview! I am absolutely thrilled to be President of this wonderful organization in 2020 and beyond. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me personally about YPL or any aspects that Longview has to offer! I have been an active YPL member when I first moved here to Longview in 2015 after growing up outside of Houston and then attending Texas State University in San Marcos with a degree in Business Management. My job as a Heavy-Duty Truck Salesman at Pliler International was the motivation to moving to East Texas right after school and I haven’t looked back since. Young Professionals of Longview was the first and most successful jumping stone for me to meet likeminded peers in the community of Longview. Initially it was an avenue to meet new friends but as I became more involved and acclimated it became clear how beneficial the networking aspect of YPL is. In 2016 I was inducted onto the Board as Special Events chair and then President Elect in 2019. We have some fun stuff planned this year with mixers, luncheons and special events. Follow us on Facebook or on our website for current information, thanks again for checking YPL out and let’s make Longview GREAT!

Current YPL Officers

Social • Chelsea Cace

Owner, The Cace Kitchen

903-746-1648 • Chelsea.Cace@gmail.com


Treasurer  • Katlyn Scott

Sales Representative, Cummings

903-439-7620 • KatlynScott@hotmail.com


Arrangements • Charlie Knox

Chemist, Ana-Lab

903-738-3363, Aggie389@yahoo.com

Treasurer  • Sam Smead

Realtor, Sugar Magnolia 

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