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About Our Organization 

Young Professionals of Longview is an organization dedicated to cultivating a young, vibrant professional community in the Longview area.

We are a group of young professionals providing opportunities for business growth, community service, personal enrichment and social activities to connect our members and enhance our generation.


Our Founder


Melanie Northcutt

Broker/Owner/Realtor, Sugar Magnolia Properties 



Thank you for your interest in Young Professionals of Longview! I started this organization in 2013 with the hope of being the hub, for young professionals moving to/returning to Longview,  to find their tribe.  Some people join for networking, some to find ways to give back to our community, some for personal development, and others to find lifelong friends.  YPL has evolved and grown into 200+members, a host of local sponsors/support, given back countless hours through service projects, and watched some of the most successful young professionals grow and prosper.  We look forward to meeting  you, and welcome to YPL! 

Current YPL Officers

Brittany Cleveland

Realtor,  Sugar Magnolia Properties

Kaliegh Payne

Realtor,  Sugar Magnolia Properties

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